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Where was the "Canopy of Trees" picture taken?
Beach Street heading into Tomoka State Park

AFineRide's ''Canopy of Trees'' picture.

~ Tomoka State Park Ride ~
Here's the route and it is wonderful.

Start at Mason Avenue, going into Daytona Beach.
Turn left on Beach Street just before the bridge.
(this is the starting point to fully experience this ride)
Tomoka route Map#1

The entire route up Beach St. gradually increases in amazing
views and goes directly through Tomoka State Park and the canopy.
Tomoka route Map#2

Be sure to turn right on Walter Boardman Rd., or you will miss much.
Then a short distance, turn right on High Bridge Rd.
Then can jump up to A1A or complete the loop down the other side.
Tomoka route Map#3

Would certainly recommend visiting Tomoka State Park itself,
since pretty neat.  But when we were there, the roads were
not all paved, so was rough.  Here are some pics.

Heading to the visitor center and museum.
Tomoka State Park, museum.

"Chief Tomokie" by Fred Dana Marsh.
Tomoka State Park, Chief Tomokie.

The boat docks, with small restaurant and store.
Tomoka State Park, boat docks.

Original picture where "Canopy of Trees" image was cut from.
Tomoka State Park, ''Canopy of Trees''.

And here is our old logo for nostalgia's sake.

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